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Flagship Law Offers:

Personalized Estate Planning

You are planning for the transfer of wealth to the next generation. But your legacy is more than just money. We work closely with our clients to create highly personalized estate plans for individuals and families. Using sophisticated strategies, we design custom estate plans that align with your specific values, while accomplishing your unique objectives. 


Flagship Law assists our clients with everything from entity formation and initial operating agreements through exit strategies and buy/sell agreements. We can assist with tax-efficient structuring of significant transactions as the business grows. We enjoy excellent working relationships with accountants, financial advisors, insurers and banks. 

Wealth Preservation and Transfer

For high net worth families and business owners, wealth preservation is a primary focus. Flagship Law applies creative and effective solutions to reduce, or even eliminate, certain state and federal taxes. We also employ both well-tested and more innovative approaches to asset protection. We will help you successfully preserve and grow your assets now and, later, efficiently transfer your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries.  


Looking for an Estate Plan? We invite you to Flagship Law, Pllc.