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Flagship Law Services Include

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Trusts, Wills,
and Estates

Flagship Law works closely with clients, using wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney and health care directives to create customized estate plans for individuals and families. We use creative strategies and tools to help my clients identify their values and achieve their goals.

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Business Planning

Flagship Law’s ‘Entrepreneur’s Package’ helps start-up businesses with everything from entity selection – LLCs, C-corps, S-corps and partnerships, through registration and obtaining an EIN. We also provide clients with a preliminary assessment of their legal, insurance, financial and tax needs.

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Wealth Preservation

For high net worth families and business owners, We use creative and effective solutions to preserve and protect family wealth. Flagship Law offers business succession counseling, tax minimization techniques (including basis step-up planning), and protection from predators and opportunistic creditors.

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Meet the Founder, Natalie Roberts

Natalie Roberts is licensed to practice in both Florida and Minnesota. She is dedicated to providing honest, exceptional and deeply personalized legal counsel to her clients.

Natalie Roberts

Why did you decide to do what you do?

When my mother was diagnosed with a rare and fatal blood disease, she and my father had already consulted a lawyer and put an estate plan in place. It provided for her incapacity, protected their assets, created a trust, avoided probate, and most importantly, clearly stated their wishes and goals. Her death was tragic enough without our having to deal with a barrage of questions and trying to guess what she would have wanted. In his grief, my father was in a daze. Thankfully, everything was already down on paper. Then, when my father died ten years later, events took place according to their estate plan. We children were immensely grateful that our parents had protected us from stress, guilt, needless expense, and potential family discord. They clearly showed their love for us by executing that plan! My experience inspired me to help other families plan ahead to protect their children and others. This is a gift for your loved ones. Loss is hard. Cushion the blow.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I’m married to a wonderful guy – he is my second husband and I am his second wife. (I’m living proof there is love after love!) I have a daughter who is a lawyer in DC, a son who just graduated from medical school in Atlanta, and a second son who has a dual track career in commercial construction and politics. I consider myself lucky because I genuinely like my kids. They are wonderful people; being their mom is a privilege. I also hit the jackpot with my two step-daughters. I relate to them well because I’m also one of four sisters! We grew up in Palm Harbor, but I lived up North for most of my adult life, mostly in Minnesota (where I am still licensed to practice).

What do you do when you’re not working?

I appreciate the value of working out in the gym.  Anatomy, physiology and nutrition fascinate me. I am hopelessly hooked on tennis. I play doubles, which is a great way to meet fabulous women friends. I dabble in golf and I used to do a lot of downhill skiing. I love being outside and on the water. Indoors, I’m a political junkie. My escape is reading fiction, especially mysteries. I love art, art history and art museums as well as design… especially interior design. I can look for hours through tiles, fabrics, carpets, dinnerware, furniture or paint colors.

What’s your favorite part of living in Tampa?

I recently completed Leadership Tampa (Class of 2018), and found that to be a richly rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. I really got to know my city, making lifelong friends in the process. I learned a great deal about the engines that drive our culture and economy here. The downtown development is exciting! Most of all, though, I am grateful for the time with family and for the beauty that surrounds us here in Tampa Bay. The sky, the water, the marine life, the birds…are all so beautiful.


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