Wealth Transfer and Preservation

Many of our clients require an extra layer of planning to protect and enhance their money and property throughout their lifetimes and, ultimately, transfer that wealth to the next generation. We employ sophisticated  strategies to assist you in preserving, enhancing, and protecting your wealth, now and in the future.  Minimizing state and federal taxes and preserving your access to your investments is key, as you arrange for the passing of your legacy to your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Business owners deal with additional concerns. Comprehensive business succession planning can ensure that family members benefit not only from your money, but from your business knowledge, moral principles, and general wisdom.  Well-designed plans include components to successfully avert potential future discord among family members. Each family and business is unique and we design your plan to align with your special circumstances. 

We work closely with you and your  family to establish a robust plan for successfully transitioning your wealth to future generations.