Wealth Preservation - Tampa FL

Making your wealth last lifetimes

Comprehensive Wealth Integration Planning

Comprehensive Wealth Integration planning involves considerations of estate planning, tax planning, business succession planning and asset protection. Our expert tax and estate planning attorneys give a thorough analysis of all these areas, as applied to a each particular and uniques client situation. This customized service result in maximum tax benefits for our clients, and can provide them with a clear path forward, and consequent peace of mind.

Flagship Law's wealth preservation strategies include:

  • Optimal investment strategies and account management
  • Estate planning, with a view to minimization of federal estate, gift and GST taxes, as well as income tax minimization for both Grantors and Beneficiaries
  • Optimal entity selection and business succession planning
  • Selective insurance vehicles
  • Structural protection of assets from opportunistic or professional plaintiffs
  • Business succession planning for small businesses and family businesses, with tax minimization and appreciation for personal relationships and dynamics.

Flagship Law can help high-net-worth individuals and families with all of the above. Contact me to discuss your goals and concerns. Protect what you have worked hard to achieve and preserve your legacy for the benefit of your loved ones.