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Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Plan for emergencies and eventualities. Be sure your family and other loved ones are protected from unnecessary stress and financial loss at a traumatic time. 

Estate Planning Services​

You have an estate. Your estate is simply everything you own, from your cell phone to your IRA. If you don’t have an estate plan, in the event you are killed or incapacitated, the state will decide for you who gets what, and when they will get it, and how. Wouldn’t you rather decide that for yourself?

You can keep your family out of court and protect them from the stress, expense, delay and potential conflict of a probate proceeding. You can decide who will take care of your minor children. You can protect your beneficiaries from losing their inheritance in lawsuits or in a divorce, and you can decide when and how they inherit.

If you have a will or a trust in place, you should review it every 3 to 5 years, or whenever your family has a significant life event, such as a marriage, the birth of a child, a new job, a cross-country move, a retirement or a divorce. Don’t just let your paperwork languish in a drawer or on a shelf gathering dust.

Flagship Law offers a DIFFERENT kind of approach to estate planning and business succession planning for family businesses.

You know me, like me, and trust me. The documents are not the focus of our relationship; they are one aspect of the relationship, and they are maintained and updated as life changes. I’m focused on creating a plan we know will work for you and the people you love. I work one-on-one with you to define your values and goals, and then create a flexible, yet reliable, plan, based on your personal value system — one that achieves those goals and protects your loved ones. For example, we can include incentive provisions for your beneficiaries, restrictions on distributions from a trust, and liberal or conservative investment strategies for trustees. I can help resolve the issues that arise with blended families. With my guidance and counsel, YOU make the decisions.

At Flagship, estate planning is more than a one-time transaction. You are not paying for a set of documents. With me, initial planning is just the beginning of the relationship! Flagship Law has programs in place to provide you with a yearly plan review and more. And I am here for you as a lifetime resource. You can always call me for help with legal issues, and if the subject is outside my wheelhouse, I will get you to the right person. I am here for you and your family if and when you need me.

Package Options


The Essentials Plan includes:
  • a will to ensure that when you pass, your property goes to the people and charities you choose
  • a durable power of attorney, ensuring that you and your family are well cared for if you become physically or mentally incapacitated due to injury or illness
  • health care directives to ensure your loved ones know your wishes
  • for families with minor children, a Care Arrangement for Kids in Emergencies, to ensure your minor children will be taken care of by the people you choose, with written or recorded guidance from you


The Comprehensive Plan includes everything in the Essentials Plan, and:
  • a revocable living trust, ensuring you have lifetime control of your property and finances
  • provisions for a trustee to manage your trust assets if you are incapacitated, without going to court to have a guardian appointed
  • ensures your heirs will be protected from creditors and predators. All asset transfers will be handled by you with our guidance and support
  • can include dynasty trusts and QTIP trusts to provide for you and your spouse, but also protect and preserve assets for your descendants
  • can include special needs trusts


The Deluxe Plan includes everything in the Comprehensive Plan, and:
  • provides additional, bespoke asset preservation planning
  • may include specifically-designed trusts to protect and manage certain types of assets, such as valuable retirement accounts
  • strategic use of irrevocable trusts and other vehicles that minimize federal income and transfer taxes for high net worth clients
  • may involve judicious use of holding companies and insurance products
  • may include business succession planning
  • may include foreign asset protection trusts for suitable clients