Entrepreneur's Package - Tampa FL

Finally an Easy, Stress-Free Way To Start Your Business

If you are starting a business in Florida, please fill out the form to start setting up your new venture for success.

What's Included

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Entity Selection Counseling

We counsel you first to ensure you select the best type of business entity for your particular business. Then we actually create the entity.

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Entity Registration

We complete and file all necessary registrations with the state government and the IRS.

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Next-Step Recommendations

We make a preliminary assessment of additional legal, financial, insurance, and tax requirements, so you know what your next steps will be.

We can help businesses minimize income taxes.

  • Partnerships can allocate profits in a way that is not necessarily proportional to capital contributions and ownership interests, thereby providing businesses with flexibility in partnership taxation.
  • S-corporations have the benefit of flow through taxation, but also are subject to restrictions on who can be a shareholder, meaning one disqualified shareholder can result in loss of S-corporation status.
  • Corporations have lower tax rates, but are subject to double taxation.