Meet Natalie Roberts - Tampa, FL and Edina, MN

Meet the Founder, Natalie Roberts

Natalie obtained her J.D. at the University of Florida College of Law and her LL.M. in Taxation at UF Law’s highly regarded program in 2016. Before transitioning her practice to tax law and estate planning, she practiced in the area of investment advisor/broker-dealer regulation and compliance, which provided her with a thorough understanding of the investment and financial planning business world.
Natalie especially enjoys legal research and analysis in areas of practice involving complex statutory laws, such as the Internal Revenue Code and the Investment Company Act, including the accompanying regulations.
In her personal life, Natalie is a fitness enthusiast, plays tennis and golf, and enjoys travel, reading fiction, and spending time with her family. In addition to her husband, Natalie has three adult children, two adult step-daughters, two step-grandchildren, and a very large extended family who live primarily in Florida and Minnesota, but who also reside in the Northeast, DC, Montana, and Hawaii. Natalie has lived in London, Connecticut, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and the Tampa Bay area, and she considers them all “home.” When in Minneapolis in the winter, she carries her space heater from room to room and she admits that still can’t ice skate or cross-country ski.She loves Minnesota summers. A Florida girl at heart, she loves the gulf beaches, sailing, and fishing. 

Her clients report that she is warm, honest, and a good communicator.

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