Estate planning services in Tampa, FL & Edina, MN

Natalie Roberts works with high net worth clients to create strategic and highly-customized estate plans. ​

Personalized Estate Planning for Discerning Clients.

“A well-crafted estate plan is not an expense. It is an investment for the future.”


Flagship Law offers a DIFFERENT kind of approach to estate planning. We do not simply churn out boilerplate wills and trust agreements. We offer our clients a heightened level of personal attention and service.   Together, we will discuss the available techniques, evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of each, and you will decide, with my personal guidance and counsel, what options will best achieve your personal goals. If you have significant wealth, and need to consider asset protection and tax minimization, we will include sophisticated strategies to reach those objectives. Throughout the process, I will be available to you and I will listen closely to your concerns and your wishes for the future.

Because I provide an exceptional level of service and customize each individual estate plan document, I do not offer flat fees or package pricing.  Once we meet, I can give you a general estimate of the price, but until we are farther along in the process, it is difficult to anticipate what planning will work best for you, based on your unique wishes and objectives. Some clients need tax minimization planning, some need asset protection planning, and some need strategies for reducing income tax to beneficiaries (especially with retirement accounts). I have clients who own businesses, investment real estate, art, or other types of assets that involve sophisticated analysis and planning strategies. Some clients have blended families involving various challenges. Some clients need medical releases for their minor children. Every individual and family will need a different level of assistance. Therefore, I charge for the time I spend on your matter.

My rate is $300/hour.

While I offer the same sophisticated planning expertise as a “big firm,” I can do so at a lower hourly rate. I work with you one-on-one and we are in frequent contact. I do not “nickel and dime” my clients for every one-minute communication. While I endeavor to provide work of the highest quality, I also strive for efficiency and the utmost value to my clients. After all, I depend on you for referrals.