Control of Your Digital Assets After Death- Warning!

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If you sign up for a program offered by Google, Apple, or other tech companies for management of your accounts in the event of death or incapacity,  the terms of their program will cancel out any directions you include in your will, trust, or durable power of attorney. Here are the details: Companies like Facebook, […]

Post Honeymoon Checklist: be prepared for marriage

Your wedding is over, and the day was absolutely perfect. You went away on your honeymoon with your new spouse and had the time of your lives. Now you are back and can breathe a sigh of relief and watch the rest of the years ahead unfold before your eyes. Well, not so fast. Now […]

Power of Attorney: Protecting Your Wealth

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The wealth, property, and investments we accrue over a lifetime are often significant. While you have carefully managed your finances through the years, there may eventually come a time when you cannot handle such decisions. To plan for the likelihood that you are unable to manage your financial affairs, it is important to have everything […]

2021 Annual Inflation Adjustments Issued by IRS

On Monday, the IRS issued the 2021 annual inflation adjustments for many provisions in the Internal Revenue Code, together with the 2021 tax rate tables for individuals and for estates and trusts. Rev. Proc. 2020-45 increased the standard deduction for married individuals filing jointly or surviving spouses to $25,100. For heads of households, the standard […]

How Estate Planning Can Help You Dream About Your Future

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A dream without a plan is simply a wish. Estate planning is not just about death and taxes — it puts you in the driver’s seat of your financial life, allowing you to set achievable goals. It is a great opportunity to focus on the legacy you want to leave behind for loved ones, help […]

Saying “I Love You” With Your Estate Plan

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While saying the words “I love you” is indeed romantic, you should know that putting together a well-crafted estate plan is a concrete way to care for your family in the long run. This is because doing so will help prevent your surviving family members from scrambling to figure out what to do next while […]

Steps For Starting the End-of-Life Conversation

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No one wants to discuss death and dying. And yet, it’s a critical time in everyone’s life and one for which we know we need to prepare. While many people have the desire to share their wishes, something is preventing people from openly communicating with their families. As an important part of estate planning, healthcare […]

Three Legal Things to Do After a Scary Health Diagnosis

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A scary health diagnosis can be emotionally and logistically challenging for many reasons. For instance, how can you take care of your family if you’re physically incapacitated? In addition to working closely with your medical providers, consider these three legal tips: 1. Check your estate plan with your attorney to make sure it is up […]

Do you really need a will?

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You May Not Think You Need a Will, But You Really Do. Most Americans do not have a simple will as part of their estate plan. You might believe that a will is only for the rich and famous, and not the average person who has a far smaller net worth. On the other hand, […]

Do your parents have an estate plan?

If you find yourself in the “sandwich generation” (someone who is caring for both your children as well as your parents simultaneously), you need to know whether or not your parents have put together an estate plan. While it is still your parent’s choice to make estate planning decisions, having a plan — no matter […]