How is Flagship Law Different?

The founding principle behind Flagship Law is simple: helping you live your best life by preparing for the future in order to protect your loved ones, your business and your legacy. 

You don’t have to live at Downton Abbey to have an “estate.” Your estate is simply everything you own. If you don’t have a valid estate plan in place, the state statute will decide what happens if you die or are incapacitated. Wouldn’t you rather decide for yourself? Working with me, you can save your loved ones from the needless expense, delay, stress, potential family conflict, and guilt-ridden guesswork. 

Creating an estate plan is an act of love! You have an opportunity to recognize and appreciate who and what you value, and how you want to transfer your legacy to future generations. With me, this will be a life-affirming experience. So here is how Flagship Law does things differently: 

  • Our relationship is personal and ongoing.
  • While my fees are reasonable, I offer meticulous, personal care and attention to my clients, along with skill, ingenuity and solid judgment.
  • I also offer package plans for estate planning and other legal services. Package plans eliminate minute-by-minute billing, which means clients are not afraid to call to ask questions, provide information, and ask for periodic reviews of their estate plans.
  • You work only with me. I am available and responsive.
  • I offer tech-savvy solutions to clients (must be Florida or Minnesota residents), including online consultations via Skype and various apps, as well as digitally signed document capability.​
  • I help you pass along not only your material goods, but your total legacy! I offer a way for you to share your values, your stories, and your wisdom with future generations, because I recognize how valuable that is to all of us.

Are you an entrepreneur? A Tampreneur? As your personal business and tax lawyer, I work closely with you to ensure your essential structures are in place, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business.

Protect Your Loved Ones With An Estate Plan